Film & Video installation
1 screen / 4k / 16:9 / color / 00:07:20 / 2020


The work has been created  for the IAR international video art exhibition at palazzo Fondi in Napoli, and it was filmed and produced at Via Farini - Vir artist in residency in Milano. 

The film wishes to investigate a potential contemporary condition of suspension in which western-society has fallen into. The artist by assembling a unique optical device has explored the microscopic dimension of billboard paper and projected it back onto its given urban environments.

The result is an atmospheric work in which the micro confronts the macro in a sequence of urban projections where by means of juxtaposition of perspectives reality results as partially suspended.


39th Asolo Art Film Festival - Asolo Award Art Films - 2021 - Italy

13th Short Waves Festival - 2021 - Urban View Competition - Poland

Sphere Digital - World Cinema Carnival  - 2021 - India

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards - 2021 - Italy

IAR - international video art - collective, curated by Ottica Contemporanea, Palazzo Fondi, Napoli 

Walk in Studio - collective, curated by Giulio Verago at Via Farini archive, Milano. 

Micro speed date - collective, curated by Kamimani, Campobasso/Torino 

Festival Internacional Videoarte -collective, curated by Lamosa Lab, Cuenca, Spain 


Q&A at World Cinema Carnival 

Mad White - Urban View / Short Waves - 2021 

IMG_6222 2.JPG

Milano di carta - Short Waves' Urban View screening. 16/06/21