Gianmarco Donaggio (b.1991), is active as a cinematographer, director, and artist. 

He was born and raised in Italy, although he spent most of his adult life abroad, primarily in the UK and Norway. He has got an Italian diploma in fine arts and a Bachelor degree from Aub (UK)  in film-production, where he specialised in fiction-cinematography and documentary/experimental filmmaking. Currently, he is studying and researching in the field of Visual Culture.

Gianmarco has worked on film productions for about ten years. He has started by assisting and collaborating in the camera/electrician department on international feature films, tv-series, commercials, documentaries, and art films. His filmography includes titles such as Suburra, The Snowman, Gunda, Okkupert, and several other films.

This journey into a variety of high-end film productions has given Gianmarco the skill set to be versatile and be able to work within any budget range. Coming from a Gaffer background, to light is Gianmarco's strength as a cinematographer, in his camera career he has often worked in the Vfx Units for features and tv-series, as well as product cinematography, fashion, and visually driven short films. 

As a director he has mainly worked on experimental films, music videos/performances, and short documentaries. 

He often shoot his own films and his focus is on the experimental and the unseen. The works often classify as artistic researches, the goal is not to produce but to explore. In these works Gianmarco bridges his technical skills with his studies in philosophy, exploring alternative ways to exploit camera technologies and developing narrative. 

For what concern Gianmarco still-photography and artist practice, his works have been commissioned by brands as well as been prepared for exhibitions worldwide, the interest is usually to explore and challenge the essence of image and technology. In his practice, analog photography is a large part of his researches and interests. 


Diploma, Fine Art, Liceo Artistico, 2010 - Italy 

Bachelor Degree, A.u.b., Film-production 2014 - UK - (specialisation in fiction-cinematography and documentary filmmaking)   

+Courses - masterclass - certificates

Visual Culture: Histories of Modern Visuality, Dep. of Arts and Cultural Sciences, 2020 - Lund Sweden

Visual Culture: Theory and Methodology, Dep. of Arts and Cultural Sciences, 2020- Lund Sweden

Consciousness and self/consciousness - Praxis - school of philosophy, 2020 - Italy

Davinci Resolve 16: Color correction certified end user - 2020

Free Space, Aesthetics and Sculpture, Stacion - Center for contemporary art, 2019 - Kosovo

Questions of Perception in Art and Science, Berlin Summer University of the Arts, 2019 - Germany 

Philosophies of the Visual, UIO, Oslo, 2019 - Norway

Terre di Cinema, International cinematographer days, 2018 -Italy 

Story Development, The Blank Space, with Kelly Davis, 2018 - Norway 


"Q di Q"  (short-experimental), Film commissioned by Austin Arthouse Film Festival during Covid-19 world crisis, premiered April 2020 Online, 4k DCP 17:9.

“Ice cream for you” (short-fiction), Drama/Arthouse, 7:30 mins, not yet released, Norway, 4k DCP 2:1, produced by Expect Film, supported by Kulturrådet fund (No)  - Norway

“Nå” (short-experimental),  Arthouse/Site-Specific, 13 mins, premiered October 2018, Norway, 4k DCP 2.39 anamorphic, produced by ProjektorPøblene - Norway 

Selected screenings:

9th International Video Poetry Festival 2021 - Athens Greece 

DA Z – Digital Art Zurich 2020 - Switzerland 

24th AVANCA International film festival 2020 - Portugal 

16Th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 - Greece 

16Th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 - Technotribalism - Online

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2020 - Athens Greece 

Austin Arthouse film festival 2020 - Texas USA

16th Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground 2020 - Argentina 

Split VideoArt Festival 2020 - Croatia 

Southeastern International Film & Music Festival 2020 - USA 

Indo American International Festival of World Cinema 2020 - India 

Assurdo Film festival 2020 - Italy 

Prague International Monthly Film Festival 2020 - Czech republic

Košice International Film Festival 2020 - Slovakia 

Dumbo Film Festival 2020 - USA

Berlin Flash Film Festival 2020 - Germany

Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque  2020 - USA

Sttp  2020, online - Romania

Tagliacorto home edition  2020,  online - Italy

Tmff 2020 - UK

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards 2020 - Italy

48-hour film contest 2020 - Texas USA

Fuenfterloeffel 2020 - Germany

Fuenfterloeffel 2019 - Turkey

Sttp 2019 - Romania

Bogotá Music Video Festival 2019 - Colombia

Oslo Open House 2019 - Norway

Scandinavian International Film Festival 2018 - Finland

Austin Arthouse film festival 2018 - Texas USA



MultiMadeira ,Funchal (Portugal)  - The aura in the photographic form

Online exhibition - 650gr of potatoes 

Galleri Neuf, Oslo (Norway) - Spazio 


Verona Fotografia, Verona (Italy)  - Le Quarantenne 

Online exhibition - Insieme 

Oslo Open House, Oslo (Norway) - Nå 

Galleri Neuf, Oslo (Norway) - Destination

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery , Venezia  (Italy)  - Teatro 

Awards and nominations:

Assurdo Film festival 2020 -   nomination  - best Italian film 

Assurdo Film festival 2020 - nomination  - best soundtrack

Prague International Monthly Film Festival 2020 - honourable mention - best cinematography 

Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque  2020  - winner - best COVID-19 Experimental Short 

Košice International Monthly Film Festival 2020 - winner - 2nd best super short film

Košice International Monthly Film Festival 2020 - honourable mention - best cinematography 

Verona Fotografia, Verona (Italy) 2020  - Le Quarantenne - 4th Jury Prize

Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards 2020 - nomination - best experimental film

Short to the Point International Film Festival 2020 -nomination- best low budget

Short to the Point International Film Festival 2019 -nomination- best music video 

Scandinavian International Film Festival 2018 - nomination - best experimental film

Austin Arthouse film festival 2018 - nomination - best director 

Austin Arthouse film festival 2018 - nomination -  best cinematographer  

Giudecca 795 Art Gallery 2018 - winner - photo of the month and special price of the year.

Leica "I shot it" - honorary mention - photo of the month 

Selected cinematography works:

Flukten over grensen - VFX Plate - Norway

Seizure - VFX Plate Unit -, Miso Film  - Italy

Kjør meg to Ol, Tv show Intro sequence, Concorde - Norway

Bingen Min Music video, Gatas Parlament - Norway

2018 Inshallah Short, 35mm, 2k scan - Italy

Nå Short, 4k Dcp 2.39 anamorphic  - Norway

Aurorua Arthouse, HD Dcp - UK

The rest of Us just live here Trailer, 2K prores - Norway

Fun days last forever Short, HD Dcp -UK

A simple night blues Short, 16mm print  - UK

Cucumber Short, 16mm print - UK

Selected works in the camera/light department: 


Gunda (feature film), Sant og Usant - Norway

Planten (short), Animaskin - Norway

Kirkenes/ Murmansk (feature film), Kunt Asdam Studio - Norway/Russia

Daddy’s girl (short), Barbosa As - Norway

Wisting, second unit,  (tv-series), Cinenord - Norway/Denmark 

Bille Van (music video), - Norway

Shotgun, Tix (music video), Expect film - Norway

Bama (commercial), Expect film - Norway

Madcom (music video), Expect film - Norway

Vulnerable (short) - Norway

Kjør meg to Ol  (Tv show Intro), Concorde - Norway

+Light technician/Best boy

The Snowman (feature film), Working title  - Norway

Wisting (tv-series), Cinenord - Norway/Denmark 

En Natt (tv-series), Via Film - Norway

Unge lovende (tv series) - Norway

Okkupert 2 (tv-series), Yellow Bird - Norway/France

Twin (tv-series), Nordisk Film - Norway

As I Fall (feature film), Nfi - Norway

Manifest (short) , Barbosa As - Norway

Ylvis - Stories from Norway (tv-series), Concorde - Norway

Grand Hotel , 4 1/2 - Norway

Neste Sommer (tv-series), Feelgood - Norway

+Camera department

Suburra (feature film), Cattleya  - Italy

Il Grande Presidente (short) , Tdc - Italy

Landet  (music video) - Norway


Norwegian Film Institute, Scholarship for cinematography workshop 

Kulturrådet (Norwegian Culture Fund), Lyd og Bilde

Artist residency:

Via Farini, VIR artist residency program, September-December 2020 - Italy

MultiMadeira, 2020 - Portugal 


"Film as Atmosphere" - guest lecture at Academy Minerva (Academie Minerva), 2020 - Netherland 

"Tracce", analog photography workshop and research, MultiMadeira, 2020 - Portugal 

"Tracce", analog photography workshop, Escola Básica do 1º Ciclo com Pré-Escolar Visconde Cacongo, 2020 - Portugal 


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Lilleaas Cecilie, “Space for Thought”, Samfunnsviter’n, December 1, 2018 pg. 54 - Norway

Fallberg Liv, “Interview: Gianmarco Donaggio”, Galleri Neuf, 2018 - Norway

Munoz Giselle Marie, “Interview: Now”, Austin Arthouse Film Festival, 2018 - USA

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