Gianmarco Donaggio (b.1991), is active as a cinematographer, director, and image-based artist. He was born and raised in Italy, although he spent most of his adult life abroad, principally in the UK and Norway. He has an education in fine art, film, and philosophy. 

Gianmarco has worked on film productions for about ten years. He has started by assisting and collaborating in the camera/electrician department on international feature films, tv-series, commercials, documentaries, and art films. His filmography includes titles such as Suburra, The Snowman, Gunda, Okkupert, and several others. Currently, Gianmarco mainly works as a cinematographer prioritising independent and art house films.

He also writes/direct documentaries, music videos, and art films. 

Following his interest in researching and experimenting within the essence of the image, Gianmarco is also working as an image-based artist and theorist, studying and teaching still and moving images.