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The artist assembled a unique optical device to explore the microscopic dimension of billboard paper, and to engage with its invisible components.

The work appears like a cinematic atmosphere, and it investigates a potential contemporary condition of suspension in which western-society has fallen-into.


The Sleepwalker

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Seventy-six years after his death, what is left of Edvard Munch are two living witnesses and a large number of art-works, letters, and belongings. In a journey around Europe, the filmmaker has chased the present traces of the artist. The film juxtaposes the past and present by documenting the new life of Munch’s creations.

Q di Q


The film was thought and completed in 48 hours, to compete in the 2020 AAFF 48-hour contest. The director responded to the 48-hour film contest's premise "who could have guessed" with three elements: temporality, presence, and being.

Re Veal

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In between film and installation, this hybrid work explores the materiality of the video image. 

The work interprets the audio-visual as multi sensorial work by accentuating the physicality of its delivery medium, namely the cathodic tv screen. The veil protects the audience from the violent magnetic power of the moving-images, and paradoxically it reveals the images materiality. 

Aria di Attesa

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Focused on the materiality of the air, this short film engages with the cinematic perspective in a deliberately nonlinear way.  Falling, but without a ground to land its beliefs or claims, humanity is paradoxically floating.  This work is an audio/visual journey into groundlessness. 

Milano di carta

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The work wishes to investigate a potential contemporary condition of suspension in which western-society has fallen into. The artist by assembling a unique optical device has explored the microscopic dimension of billboard paper and projected it back onto its given urban environments.

Bingen min

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Music video created for Norwegian hip-hop band Gatas Parlament 


Little is known and little is told of the final step of a man’s life. As the shortest and most mysterious one.
Strength decreases and a disarming fatigue takes over men. Death is so close that it is not considered anymore, it becomes invisible like the objects we know too well.

Ice cream for you

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"Ice cream for you" is a stinging critique of human behaviour, of what is allowed and what is not, and who decides so for us. It focuses on the importance of self-understanding and self-confidence in order to respect and be respected by the community we live in. It is suggesting the importance of exploration of the body within the environment, the subject with the community.