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AV Performance
1 screen / 4k / 16:9 / color / 00:30:00 / 2023


In the intricate dichotomy between the artist and the creation, between thought and its image, between perception and the world, there lies a subtle line marking a distinct separation. As a creator or generator of signifying surfaces, some may choose to work for the image, while others opt to work with the images.


Working with the image does not entail mesmerizing, attracting, informing, or documenting. Instead, working with the image is an active defiance of its modality, an effort to obliterate its power to dictate how one must act for it. Working with the image does not aim to please any audience; it is akin to a blind person reaching for a canvas to create a self-portrait.

This performance serves as an ode to letting go, falling, and embracing a naïve and unadorned form of creation.

Live Show:

11/10/23 - Oslo -  Mirage Film Festival featuring live music 

18/11/23 - Lucca - Vivi Lucca

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