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1 screen / 4k / 16:9 / color / 00:14:37 / 2021


Seventy-six years after his death, what is left of Edvard Munch are two living witnesses and a large number of art-works, letters, and belongings. In a journey around Europe, the filmmaker has chased the present traces of the dead artist. The film juxtaposes the past and present by documenting the new life of Munch’s creations. In the attempt of revealing the past through the present gaze, the film ultimately suggests a common and anachronic condition of art: instability.


Visions du réel - film market - Nyon, Switzerland, 2021

Nordisk Panorama - film market - Malmo, Sweden, 2021

With the support of the Arts Council Norway

Markedsføring av kortfilm / dokumentarfilm

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